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Zong 4G partners with Pakistan’s first intranet-based app, GreenApp, to offer exclusive services to customers

Zong 4G has partnered with GreenApp to integrate customer services such as mobile top-up, postpaid and other bundles through their store network and app. The partnership was signed at an exclusive signing ceremony in Islamabad on December 27.

The contract was finalized through a signing ceremony on 27e December at Zong’s headquarters. The event was graced by the representatives of Zong 4G, the CEO of GreenApp, Wasif Ayub.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Wasif Ayub CEO of GreenApp said,

“This partnership is an essential step in providing innovative solutions to both Zong 4G and GreenApp users. We hope to see this relationship grow in the future.”

Zong 4G’s official spokesperson added, “Zong 4G continues to add value to its user experience and proves once again that it is a customer-centric company by partnering with GreenApp to promote access and accessibility for Zong’s subscribers.”

Zong 4G In addition to E-top-up, the Green App helps its users with P2P communication, utility bills and school fees payments, and much more, all in one location. It is a global provider of mobile voice and data communications services in nine different countries.

GreenApp is Pakistan’s first intranet-based mobile application with facilities for a local audience. GreenApp is an ambitious company committed to providing advanced solutions. It has all the resources necessary to offer its customers the best digital services available on the intranet. By partnering with GreenApp, Zong 4G customers gain access to more than 10,000 retailers who are currently committed to GreenApp.

Zong 4G is proud of partnerships like this one, where companies work together to provide people with innovative solutions that make everyday life easier and more efficient. Zong 4G understands how important it is to have innovative solutions and products on the market, which is why it has chosen to partner with GreenApp.

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