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ZONG 4G enables international callers during Hajj with IDD Saudi Arabia Mobily Bundles

In a world where staying connected is more important than ever, Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications operator, is proud to set new standards with its unparalleled service offering. Recognizing the importance of seamless communication for those embarking on the sacred journey of Hajj and yearning to stay in touch with their loved ones, Zong 4G presents a range of affordable International Direct Dialing (IDD) Saudi Arabia Mobily bundles.

With this promotion, Zong 4G customers can enjoy exclusive benefits and competitive rates when calling their loved ones in Saudi Arabia on the Mobily network. The package ensures that individuals stay in touch with their loved ones throughout the hajj season and beyond.

Zong 4G understands the importance of reliable and affordable communications, especially during important events such as Hajj. Through the IDD Saudi Arabia Mobily Bundles, Zong 4G enables customers to effortlessly connect with their family and friends, share precious moments and seek blessings from afar.

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Zong 4G customers enjoy exclusive benefits on the Mobily network

Bundle name Fitness type Price Sources Validity
IDD Saudi Arabia Mobily Weekly Bundle prepaid Rs. 100+tax 15


7 days
IDD Saudi Arabia Mobily Weekly Bundle prepaid Rs. 250 + tax 40


7 days
IDD Saudi Arabia Mobily Monthly Bundle Pay before and afterwards Rs. 500+tax 90


30 days
IDD Saudi Arabia Mobily Monthly Bundle Pay before and afterwards Rs. 1000+tax 200


30 days

*The bundles are only eligible for Mobily Network.

In addition to convenience and accessibility, Zong 4G distinguishes itself through competitive rates. Customers can enjoy the most lucrative rates available in the market, ensuring cost-effective communication with their loved ones.

Zong 4G’s official spokesperson said: “We are committed to providing exceptional services and ensuring customers can stay connected globally. The IDD Saudi Arabia Mobily bundles demonstrate our commitment to providing seamless connectivity solutions for individuals performing Hajj and those who want to stay connected with their loved ones in Saudi Arabia.”

Customers can visit the official Zong 4G website at https://www.zong.com.pk/international/saudi-arabia-mobily-bundles for detailed information about the IDD Saudi Arabia Mobily bundles. They can also call *6911# to subscribe or via the My Zong app.

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