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Zong 4G awarded as “Leader of Digital Transformation” at ITCN –

Zong 4G, the leading telecommunications network in Pakistan, has been honored with the prestigious title of “Leader of Digital Transformation” at the International Information Technology and Communication Exhibition (ITCN) in Islamabad. This recognition highlights the company’s efforts to deploy advanced technology for the empowerment of businesses and consumers across Pakistan.

In recent years, Zong 4G has launched several innovative products and services such as 4G Internet, 5G testing and Internet of Things, which have greatly contributed to Pakistan’s digital ecosystem. The award was presented by the Honorable Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Mr. Syed Amin Ul Haque, to Mr. Wang Hua, the CEO of Zong 4G, in recognition of the company’s outstanding progress in digital transformation in Pakistan .

The event, one of the largest technology fairs in Pakistan, saw key players in the information and communication technology sector participate, highlighting the importance of technology in driving economic growth and development. Mr. Syed Amin ul Haque, Federal Minister (IT & Telecommunications) and other prominent delegation also praised Zong’s demonstration of innovative and advanced technology for Internet of Things (IoT), his highly diverse portfolio for his business customers and his contribution to the digital ecosystem of Pakistan at the ITCN booth.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Wang Hua expressed his delight at the recognition, saying:

“Digitization is a driving force that contributes to realizing high economic growth potential contributing to Digital Pakistan. It will aid in Pakistan’s economic growth by increasing productivity, improving efficiency, bringing innovation, creating new jobs and increasing access to global markets. It will also lead to the development of innovative solutions and services that can benefit core industries and sectors.”

Zong 4G’s leadership in digital transformation has been widely recognized and the company has received numerous awards and accolades in recent years. Zong 4G’s continued success in digital transformation is a testament not only to the company’s commitment to innovation, but also to its role in driving Pakistan’s digital agenda.

The company’s recognition as the “Leader of Digital Transformation” at ITCN highlights the company’s commitment to deploying advanced technology for the betterment of businesses and consumers across Pakistan, making it a key player in driving the digital agenda of Pakistan.

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