YouTube tests the reduced video quality if you don’t pay

As most social media companies are being sued for ad tracking issues, it seems they are trying to design different subscription models to make up for the revenue they lost because of this. In view of this, Twitter users have come across different schemes to pay for things that used to be free. Coming to YouTube, which already offers a YouTube Premium subscription, it now pays for free functionality and also tests reduced video quality if users don’t opt ​​for premium subscriptions.

One of the Reddit users came across a new 1080 premium video quality setting along with improved bit rate. While it seems quite shocking for a platform to brand Full HD videos with higher than usual frame rates, but as YouTube is testing to block free users from accessing 1080p videos in 60 or 120 Hz, we can easily believe it .

YouTube tests downgraded video quality

The screenshot above shows Premium highlighted, which clearly gives us the idea that you need YouTube Premium to access this video qualification option. This isn’t the first time YouTube has done this, previously in October the company labeled its 2160p60 setting as Premium with the caption “Tap to upgrade.”

Some users have also reported that the bitrate of some YouTube content is lower, meaning the company is splitting 1080p videos into lower and higher frame rate levels to test this new setting. Plus,

If someone wants to opt for a $12 monthly YouTube subscription, you’ll get an additional free experience, access background playback, make offline downloading easier, and enjoy YouTube Music Premium.

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