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YouTube Stories will end on June 26

YouTube creators can say goodbye to Stories as YouTube shuts down the feature. Starting June 26, creators will no longer be able to create a new YouTube Story. Stories you post before that date will disappear seven days after they’re uploaded.

YouTube first said it was testing the format in late 2017. The platform changed its name from “reels” to “stories” and began rolling out the feature more widely the following year. Like Stories on Instagram and Snapchat, YouTube Stories would disappear after seven days. It was not possible to save Stories to a creator’s profile.

YouTube Stories will end on June 26

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The same feature is also available on almost every social media platform after Snapchat popularized the format.

In reality, YouTube probably doesn’t need both Stories and its TikTok-esque Shorts, which aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The service also noted that creators can use Community posts to share quick updates with their audience.

YouTube said that among creators using “posts and stories, posts generate many times more comments and likes on average compared to stories.”

YouTube isn’t the only one leaving Stories either. Netflix had been testing a Stories-like feature called “Extras” in its mobile app in recent years where it shared videos and photos from popular shows. The streamer later went on to embrace vertical video with the launch of features such as the “Fast Laughs” short comedy video feed. LinkedIn also abandoned the Stories feature in 2021.

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