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YouTube quietly launches stable volume function

Stable volume is a new feature that will be available to users in the video settings section of YouTube. The goal is to ensure that users have a unified volume experience when viewing videos hosted on the platform. The purpose of this feature is to smooth out any variations in loudness, giving users a more comfortable and stress-free viewing experience. While not yet available to all YouTube users, the future implementation of Stable Volume is expected to improve overall audio quality and minimize the need for users to manually change volume while watching videos on YouTube . This is despite the fact that it is not yet available to all YouTube users.

It looks like YouTube is adding a new “Stable Volume” feature to its mobile app very soon. The functionality of the feature has not been disclosed by the platform and it seems that not all users own it now. A few people, most notably a Reddit user and YouTuber named M. Brandon Lee, were the first to notice the new feature. It is said to be on the page where video settings are managed within the Ambient Mode option.

Source: M. Bradon Lee (Twitter)

While it’s not entirely clear what the “Stable Volume” setting does or how it works, the name of the feature suggests that it regulates and maintains a consistent volume level across all movies. YouTube users could benefit from this feature by avoiding a sudden and significant increase in volume as well as an unpredictable drop in volume level when watching videos from different artists and channels. It’s not clear if artificial intelligence is involved in the process by which the feature recognizes and optimizes the volume levels of different videos.

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We regret that neither the Android nor iOS versions of our YouTube app have been updated to include this capability. If we want to know how it works, we’ll have to wait for Google to provide more details on whether the feature becomes available to a wider audience. When that happens, we will make the necessary adjustments to this article.

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