YouTube profanity rules met with backlash from creators

YouTube faced backlash from the gaming community after some creators saw their old videos demonized for no reason. This was due to the company’s new policy introduced in November to make several changes, such as making content more advertiser-friendly. Due to YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines, many creators had trouble making money. Also, YouTube’s profanity rules have revised the platform’s approach to profanity and violence.

What’s done is done, but one thing is good: YouTube has started listening to creators’ concerns.

While talking about these changes, YouTube spokesperson Michael Aciman said:

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard from many creators about this update,” “That feedback is important to us, and we’re making some adjustments to this policy to address their concerns. We will be reaching out to our maker community shortly as soon as we have more to share.”

Will YouTube profanity cause creators to leave platforms?

This change was made in November when YouTube expanded its definition of violence beyond actual images, including in-game violent content “targeting a real named person or acts manufactured to create shocking experiences (such as brutal mass murder).”

This changed the blasphemy policy. The company revealed that it will now not use “hell” and “damn” as profanity words, but that all other profanity will not be tolerated, such as words like “shit” and “fuck”. Videos containing these words are not eligible for monetization.

One of the YouTube creators named Daniel Condren revealed the impact of this policy change on his channel.

Currently, YouTube hasn’t responded to creators’ inquiries, but we’re certainly curious to see if the platform reverses enforcement for old, previously published videos that creators may rely on for revenue.

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