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It has become a trend in social media apps to copy various features of their competitors. Recently, YouTube made an unsurprising attempt to test the Tik-Tok-style Recommendations tab. A Reddit user even shared a screenshot of a new one YouTube Music interface with a “Samples” tab. It clearly shows a vertically scrolling feed of music videos, just like Tik-Tok.

YouTube Music interface will soon be like Tik-Tok

Reports claim that the new section will be located between the Home and Explore tabs. In addition, it will use a completely new icon with two overlapping play buttons instead of the YouTube Shorts logo. The Samples tab probably throws you into a bottomless hole of videos, just like Shorts. However, it is still unknown whether this is a condensed version of YouTube’s TikTok clone or another place in YouTube Music to showcase music videos in a vertical format.

However, let me tell you that the new interface will feature a few different buttons not found in Shorts. It contains one button to add a video to your playlist. Then there’s a dedicated Shorts button, which takes you to the YouTube app’s short video feed. The new tab currently appears to be part of limited A/B testing in Brazil. The Reddit user revealed that he is running version 6.02.53 of YouTube Music.

As the largest video-sharing platform on the internet behind Shorts, it looks like the TikTok-style format will eventually make its way to YouTube Music. We all know that not everyone likes to watch Shorts. That’s why YouTube Music has over 1.5 billion monthly views since last year, confirming that YouTube’s TikTok clone is catching on.

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