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YouTube Music opens listening space with a free 1-year subscription

YouTube just announced a new feature for YouTube Music. The developers behind YouTube Music have announced a new Listening Room. This is a Discord channel where users can provide feedback on early access features. Anyone can sign up and they have to answer a questionnaire about their music type and subscription of choice. The requirements are that you must be a music enthusiast, provide regular feedback through conversations and polls, and use YouTube Music as your primary audio streaming service for a year.

YouTube Music opens listening space with a free 1-year subscription

If you’re accepted, you’ll get 1 year free as part of the program and get early access to new features and “an opportunity to impact the future of YouTube Music.”

Applicants are asked not to share information, take screenshots, photos or record anything from the listening room. YouTube Music will contact approved applicants in February.

In addition to a list of favorite artists and genres, there are seven possible user types to choose from:

  • Music is a big part of my identity, and my friends know it. I always listen to new music and keep up to date with major music trends.
  • I like discovering new music, but it’s not a big part of my life. I often listen to music while socializing, gaming, or eating.
  • I like to stay informed and be part of a music community, although I don’t have such strong opinions about music. I don’t want to miss the latest music trends.
  • I like to listen to the same music over and over again.
  • I use music to change the mood and make moments more fun. I usually rely on music services to stream music for me.
  • I like to listen to nostalgic music, and I usually listen to music in the background while doing odd jobs, traveling, commuting or exercising.
  • Music defines and inspires me. I’m very opinionated about music, and I don’t care much for music that is considered popular.

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