Your Body Type: It’s Place in Bodybuilding

Basically, not all bodies are created equally. There are three body types: the mesomorph, the ectomorph, and the endomorph. You must know your body type in order to tailor your training program and set accurate but attainable goals to enable you to succeed. Below are some features of these body types:


This is a skinny guy. As an ectomorph, you are likely to have lean stringy muscles and small joints.

If you are an ectomorph’s, you are likely to have these traits:

  • Long limbs
  • Thin build with small shoulders
  • Slender hips and clavicles
  • Flat chest
  • Fast metabolism

Note: Gaining weight as an ectomorph is likely to be hard, due to having a fast metabolism, which consumes calories very quickly. Therefore, you must consume a higher amount of calories in order to gain weight. Your workout sessions must be intense but very short and ensure to always use supplements. Moreover, ensure you eat before sleeping to avoid muscle catabolism at night.

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This is a naturally athletic physique characterized by large muscles and bone structure.


As a mesomorph, gaining and losing weight is very easy for you. Some of the traits of a mesomorph are:

  • A hard, strong and rectangular shaped body
  • Well-built muscles (long and round muscle bellies)
  • Wide clavicles and a narrow waist Thinner joints
  • Gains fat and muscle more easily than the ectomorph

With mesomorph body, bodybuilding gains are easily seen, especially if you are a beginner. However, gaining fast is faster than ectomorphs and therefore your calorie intake must be watched. When training, always combine your weight training with cardio exercises.


This is a solid, soft and short body with thick limbs.


As an endomorph, your upper legs are strong. Endomorph traits are as follows:

  • Thick rib cage and joints
  • Wider hips than clavicles
  • Short body and round physique
  • Undefined muscles

Normally, endomorphs easily gain body fat because they have a slow rate of metabolism. Ensure to train with weights as well as cardio, but avoid supplements especially when you have a high intake of proteins. Due to your stronger upper leg muscles, leg exercises such as squat are best for you.

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In addition to knowing your body type, it is important that you understand that genetics limit what you can easily achieve and what you are naturally gifted with. For instance, your muscle shape, bone structure, and metabolism rate are determined by genetics and your training will require a lot of extra effort to realize any gains. Sometimes you may find your body type is a combination of the above. Just let your training and diet be guided by your body type in order to excel at bodybuilding.

However, remember bodybuilding is a self-discovery regimen and you must dedicate a good part of your time to it. The following section handles some of the beginners’ exercises to get you oriented to bodybuilding. Therefore, it’s time to work out your body. Let’s dive into it straight away!

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