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Young graduates will join #JoinTheDigitalRevolution through Jazz Summer Internship 2023

Jazz has launched the latest installment of its highly anticipated summer internship program in a dynamic launch ceremony at Jazz Digital’s headquarters in Islamabad. The program aims to provide gifted young graduates from all over Pakistan with a solid stepping stone to a rewarding career ahead.

Jazz Summer Internship 2023, announced in June 2023, received a huge response with approximately 10,000 candidates applying for the opportunity to work with the industry leader. After going through a rigorous screening and hiring process, 80 shortlisted interns have joined their respective teams at Jazz, focused on gaining valuable real-world experience and contributing the best to the success of the organization.

Jazz Summer Internship 2023

The internship program spans 6-8 weeks of a career-building professional journey, giving interns the opportunity to work on identified projects with the best people in Pakistan’s telecom industry and build a solid foundation for their future careers. The program offers more than just typical mentorship, it allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the corporate culture while gaining essential work ethic and skills.

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“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 2023 Jazz Summer Internship Program and extend a warm welcome to all our interns as they embark on a journey to #JoinTheDigitalRevolution and excel in Jazz,” said Tazeen Shahid, Chief People Officer at Jazz , during the inspiring launch event. “This program provides a fantastic opportunity for young and talented individuals to apply their academic knowledge and gain invaluable on-the-job experience from industry experts.”

Selected through a rigorous process involving gamified talent assessments, project-based evaluations and in-person interviews, these interns form a vibrant talent pool, demonstrating their exceptional capabilities and unlocking their true potential. The program also reflects Jazz’s commitment as a digital frontrunner to create future leaders who have the right skills and understanding to move forward in a technology-driven era.

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