Xiaomi Redmi smartphones launch prices vs current prices

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has always impressed users by bringing exceptional smartphones to the market. Specifically, the company is a leading brand in the budget and midrange device segment. Xiaomi’s subsidiary Redmi has been the dominant player in these price segments. However, you will be shocked to know that the smartphones that were available at a budget price (PKR 20,000-30,000) are now available at lower mid-range prices (PKR 40,000-55,000). So, are you going to buy a Xiaomi Redmi smartphone by paying PKR 10,000 – PKR 50,000 more than last year or at the price the smartphone was launched at?

The global recession is upon us and third world countries such as Pakistan are among the hardest hit countries. Foreign exchange reserves are dwindling as inflation reaches historic highs. As a result, all companies, including the smartphone industry, are in crisis. Mobile phone prices have risen sharply in the past year. In addition, the national telecom regulator PTA has increased the suffering of the population by imposing excessive tax increases.

To give you a better idea, we are going to make a comparison between launch prices and current prices of Xiaomi Redmi smartphones.

Launch prices vs current prices (Xiaomi Redmi)

Xiaomi devices New Prices (PKR) Old Prices (PKR)
Rode Mi A1+ 2GB/32GB 19,999/- 29,999/-
Rode Mi A1+ 3GB/32GB 22,999/- 32,999/-
Redmi 10A 3GB/64GB 22,999/- 37,999/-
Rode Mi 10A 4GB/128GB 26,499/- 40,999/-
Redmi 10C 4GB/64GB 29,999/- 40,999/-
Redmi Note 11 4GB/128GB 39,999/- 54,999/-
Redmi Note 11 6GB/128GB 42,999/- 59,999/-

As can be clearly seen from the table above, all prices of Redmi smartphones have increased dramatically. There is literally no more budget segment as even the most inconspicuous smartphone is available for PKR 30k. Likewise, the midrange phones hit 100,000, and flagship phones reach 400,000-500,000, which is out of reach for most people.

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