Xiaomi 13 Ultra Case leaks reveal giant camera island

Xiaomi is about to launch the Xiaomi 13 series globally by the end of this week. The series includes Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro and was first unveiled in China in December. However, the latest leaks indicate that the company may soon launch the ultra variant. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra was unveiled in July 2022, so its successor still has plenty of time to arrive. The latest Xiaomi 13 Ultra case leaks revealed a giant camera island. The leaked images include some images of the phone’s camera island.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra Case leaks reveal giant camera island

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The latest leak also matches an alleged sketch of the device, as well as an alleged live hands-on image, both of which leaked in China last week. The placement of the sensors seems similar, but is also not 100%. The oval-shaped cutout at the top of the island may very well serve a purpose, but it’s not clear what it would be based on the other leaked images.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra case

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be launched in March or April, at least in China. It should have a huge focus on photography, unsurprising given the Ultra line. According to a past leak, the 13 Ultra retains its predecessor’s 1-inch main sensor but adds gimbal stabilization. All four rear cameras will have autofocus and there will also be a dToF (direct Time-of-Flight) sensor.

We may get more details about the phone at the Xiaomi 13 series global launch event. Stay close to get more updates on the phone.

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