Xbox uses AI and Minecraft to teach kids about internet safety

Xbox is using an interactive, single-player Minecraft game to teach kids about internet safety and cultural inclusion on Global Safer Internet Day. Thanks to a new Minecraft game known as Privacy Prodigy, kids ages 7-18 can play and learn about this crucial skill. Whether you’re gaming on a PC or an Xbox Series X|S, surfing the web safely should always be your top priority.

Xbox uses AI and Minecraft to teach kids about internet safety

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According to an Xbox blog post, Privacy Prodigy is an “immersive game-based learning experience”. It is a continuation of Minecraft Education’s CyberSafe series. This learning resource helps children understand how to keep their personal information safe. The game features challenges that promote informed decision making about who should have their information and why.

This single player experience introduces youngsters to the concept of trust areas. They will develop the ability to identify the different types of information they need to manage and what they can share. Players also learn strategies to protect their personal data. They will also learn ways to mitigate any problems that arise from compromised information.

Privacy Prodigy is available in the Minecraft Education lesson library. If you play the Bedrock version of Minecraft at home, you can access Privacy Prodigy for free on the Minecraft Marketplace. This game is highly recommended.

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