Xbox games come to Cloud Gaming Service Boosteroid for the first time

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Boosteroid will soon become the second third-party cloud service where Microsoft will make its games available. It has been revealed that all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to stream all of these titles through Xbox Cloud Gaming. “NVIDIA GeForce Now” users have been able to do this stream gears 5 since May 18. So the good part is that now Deathloop, grounded, And penance will land this week.

Let me tell you that Microsoft has made 10-year deals with NVIDIA & Boosteroid along with other cloud gaming providers to provide access to Xbox and Bethesda games. Although they wanted to give access to PC versions of Activision Blizzard titles if the attempted investment in that company continues. The US Federal Trade Commission raised concerns about cloud gaming in the lawsuit to block the merger. On the other hand, Microsoft’s cloud gaming concessions subdued European Union officials, who gave the deal a green signal.

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