Xbox game consoles are now ‘awake’ due to power saving mode

On January 11, Microsoft announced that the Xbox will be “the first game console to offer carbon-conscious game downloads and updates. This clearly means that Xbox consoles will now be able to schedule updates for times when the power grid is using low-carbon energy sources. It is undoubtedly a smart idea.

Microsoft stated that the new setting reduces power consumption by up to 20 times compared to normal sleep mode. However, let me tell you that it is not actually a new feature. The “carbon-conscious” feature made its way to Windows 11 last year. Now get to what actually happened. It hasn’t stopped right-wing commentators and their political facilitators from seeing the update as the next major transgression against freedom. They viewed it as a new front in the culture wars, following equally idiotic sources of unrest such as M&Ms and gas stoves. On the right-wing website, a story was retweeted about the update. Blaze News, Republican Senator Ted Cruz stated:

“First gas stoves, then your coffee, now they’re hunting your Xbox.”

So let’s wait and see what comes next. The right-wing leaders are quite angry that Xbox is “waking up”. They slam this new optional feature that aims to reduce the console’s overall carbon footprint as an attempt to “recruit kids into climate politics.” Stay tuned to know more about it.

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