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With Nadra service codes, you will get the required information through a single text message

Nadra is the National Database and Registry Authority of Pakistan. From issuing national ID cards, passports and other important documents, Nadra is responsible for maintaining a database of all Pakistani nationals. The good piece of information is that Nadra has made it quite easy for all citizens by introducing Nadra service codes or you can say Nadra SMS services. In this blog I will list all SMS codes, together with the information you can get with them.

Meaning of Nadra service codes

The fact is that using Nadra service codes is quite simple. All you need is a mobile phone with SMS function. The required message just needs to be sent to the number provided by Nadra to use any service. You can use these SMS codes for NADRA SIM tracking. It also gives you information about the number of SIM cards registered against the CNIC number, activation date, network operator, type of SIM card and ownership details. This isn’t it. The Nadra SMS codes can be used for things other than SIM tracking like checking registration status, verifying CNIC, checking the details related to your car, and whatever. Let’s look at the table:

List of Nadra codes

8521 To check if your car is stolen or not
7000 CNIC Verification or Citizen Verification
8400 Details about the status of your application for CNIC.
9888 Watan Card of Flood Beneficiaries verification
9777 Pakistan map
8300 Voter registration status
8500 PM National Health Program
8009 Nadra pedigree verification
9966 To know if you are a Filer/Non-Filer
668 Number of SIM cards on different networks
1166 To know if you are vaccinated against Corona or not
9780 Sehat Sahulat card
8171 Ehsas registration

I’ve shared a few screenshots of the codes I ran. Let’s see:

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Nadra service codes

Keep in mind!!

The point worth noting is that most of the above codes are not free. For example, NADRA CNIC verification online via SMS charges Rs. 10+tax by SMS. You must have a balance on your mobile otherwise you will not get the result against SMS. You will be charged 2 PKR + tax for each SMS against 668 to know about SIM card no. So the costs vary for everyone Nadra codes.

It would not be wrong to say that assuming SIM monitoring and confirming the registration status of mobile phone SIM cards, the Nadra shortcodes are quite helpful. It is important to use this service carefully and to double-check the data you have collected from other sources. Many people take advantage of this nifty initiative from NADRA as it helps them bypass queues and physical attendance.

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