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Why should you buy the vivo V25e?

Looking for a new smartphone? Still deciding which smartphone would offer the most value for money? We have the answers to all your questions you may have right now. In Pakistan, the vivo V25e is the most recent entry into the premium smartphone market.

V25 series

The phone is a member of the V25 series which has received positive reviews from customers across the country for its sleek design and ease of use. With its color-changing glass technology, a distinctive and intriguing product in this market, it immediately caught the attention of aesthetic admirers. These are the main features of the vivo V25e that make it an ideal all-rounder smartphone:

A fantastic camera that captures every detail

The 64 MP OIS Ultra-Sensing rear camera on the V25e has a high-sensitivity sensor and OIS, which offers hybrid image stabilization by changing the position of the camera in real time. This allows users to take sharper photos by reducing the jittery effects. The smartphone also has a Bokeh Flare Portrait feature that enhances night photography by using the dual camera setup and AI to handle the point light sources in the background. This is a great feature in our opinion and makes for mesmerizing nighttime photos.

the V25e has a very sensitive sensor and OIS

In addition, the smartphone features the Vlog Movie feature, a hit with both aspiring and established content creators, which includes a variety of pre-built video templates for situations such as dining out, sightseeing, and travel. This feature is practical and will be especially useful for people who have no experience in creating vlogs.

Another breath of fresh air is the Natural Portrait feature, which uses AI and big data to enhance selfies with a natural effect that emphasizes signature facial features without overly embellishing or manipulating them.

Unrivaled performance

The phone features a robust 4500mAh battery with a 44W FlashCharge that offers extremely fast charging and allows users to take advantage of all the other capabilities of the phone without worrying about battery life or overheating. In terms of processing power, it has a 6mm MediaTek Helio G99 CPU that easily handles the gadget and its wealth of features. The 8 GB of RAM that comes with the V25e can be expanded to 8 GB of RAM 3.0 with a quick OTA update.

V25e can be expanded to 8 GB RAM 3.0 with a quick OTA update

Integrated touch and immersive audio

Moving on to the display and touch controls, one word can describe the experience: seamless. With a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 180 Hz, the phone offers impressive performance. Amazingly vibrant Ultra HD picture quality is also delivered by the 100% P3 wide color gamut, as well as professional color gamut performance that rivals that of digital theatres. It has been granted full HDR 10+ certification. We can confirm from personal experience that the phone lives up to its claim of an All-Round Audio Enhancement experience. Thanks to the optimization of the speaker, you can enjoy a good listening experience.

Other powerful features you should know

vivo V25e has received most attention for its function of color changing glass. When exposed to sunlight, the back panel gradually changes color; once out of the sun, the color returns to its original hue. The Fluorite AG Glass, which gives the back a sparkling appearance, further reinforces this. The thin, matte-finished frame of the phone exudes a remarkably slim and refined appearance. The phone is available in the two equally beautiful colors diamond black and sunset gold.

We also applaud the company for its proactive response to growing industry concerns about data privacy. To protect your privacy, vivo’s new Privacy Protection system provides settings such as APP Pinning and Screen Pinning. Any other user can only access the app you’ve pinned thanks to APP Pinning, which allows limited app-level access.

On the other hand, screen pinning restricts access to the page you pinned for other users. In addition, vivo has launched a privacy indicator in the status bar that allows you to view apps that have access to the microphone or camera. This gives you more control over how apps access your sensitive data and prevents unauthorized third-party apps from secretly obtaining your personal information.

In conclusion, the vivo V25e is a fantastic smartphone with an incredible design, exceptional performance and unparalleled power overall. The device is ready to ignite the market thanks to its design and all the features. You can get this all-rounder for just PKR 109,999 all over Pakistan.

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