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Why Dating In Your Senior Years Is Healthy

Even though we always hear the saying, “Life begins at forty,” for some people, they begin to enjoy life more at 50 and beyond. As they now say, “50 is the new 30,” and indeed, this millennium has been kind to seniors as there are far more lifestyle options available and being offered to them. A lot of seniors now find themselves engaging in more fun activities — some they are rediscovering, and some they are exploring for the first time not having experienced them in their busy youth.

Dating is one activity that seniors nowadays are finding to be up to their alley this time around. It used to be that seniors shy away from dating, thinking that they are past their prime to be putting themselves out there. But they are missing out on all the fun with that way of thinking. Luckily, society is no longer narrow-minded as before, and now more people in their advanced years are enjoying the company of people with the same interests regardless of age. Companies like Beyond Ages have helped promote dating as a healthy activity for seniors to engage in. Dating in your senior years is healthy for quite a few reasons.

Emotional health boost. 

People naturally crave companionship and maybe more so in your senior years. Dating doesn’t necessarily mean intimacy, although it may lead to that (and why not), most of the time you are simply looking for the companionship of someone who shares your interests. Another person who will spend quality time with you can definitely give your emotional health a much-needed boost.

Stress reliever. 

After spending time dedicating your life to raising a family or investing in your business or trying to climb the ladder of success of your career, it is helpful to have fun meeting new people who enjoy the same things that you do. And this time around there is less pressure on you and your date to impress each other unlike when you were younger when there is seemingly a need to meet some requirements, especially in the looks department. This time, the focus is more on the personality rather than the physical attributes of the person that matters. It is a connection you are seeking and not just a hookup. Dating prevents or relieves you of boredom and gives you something to look forward to every day.

A renewed sense of purpose. 

Meeting someone new introduces you to the world of that person, a whole new world waiting to be discovered. Areas in life that you might not have experienced before will give you something to be excited about. It could be as simple as being exposed to a new hobby. Or it could be exploring an idea that you once had before but have yet to try. This can include swimming, biking, or even baking. If you think you had tried everything once when you were young, wait until you meet someone new who will give you a newfound sense of wonder of what life still has to offer you.

A more fulfilling life. 

In your senior years, you might believe that you’ve done what you can in life, but that can not be farther than the truth. People who have dated in their senior years have a more fulfilling life having someone to share it with. They are also less lonely as they have a trusted comrad to share life with. It could also be reconnecting with old friends and rekindling old ties that would give you a more active social life which you deserve to have. Life doesn’t have to be routine and dull once you get to your senior years. It is up to you to give yourself a chance to enjoy shared interests with someone who will value you, respect you, and take sheer delight in your company.

Amir Hussain

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