Which is best Starters food in Winter Party

Most of party and function is on winter season. Every person like different type of food in party, some person like sweet food, some people like healthy food and some people like tasty foods( full masala food).In winter season every type vegetable is available and what ever we want to make this dishes make in winter season.

Generally, people are more hungry in winter, and ” which food is best for dinner ? ”  this is a big question for people who arrange party in the winter.

So, today i will give some basic ideas for best starter food in winter season.

1. Pasta

Pasta is best starter in winter party, pasta is very testy and it is very effective in our culture. Different types of pasta like Ribbon Pasta, Tubular Pasta, Stuffed Pasta,Strand Pasta and many others. Pasta is one of the favorite dish in young age people.

Some People Don’t like pasta that time we always give two option one is pasta and one other is Dragon Potato or Manchurian.


2. Manchurian or Dragon Potato

best food for winter season chinesSome People don’t like pasta they are like some chines food in starter that time Manchurian and Dragon Potato is best option for us. noddles is one more option for us but pasta and noddles test is almost same so Manchurian and dragon potato is best option for starter.

Chines is one of the favorite food in adult age, it is very soft and easy to make so it is best option for us in winter party.


3. Soup

best food for winter season soupSoup is one of common and best starter in every party or function. Tomato soup and Manchu Soup is favorite all of people but we give some other soup ideas which is also good for health and best in test. Broth soup, Lemon Soup,Velour-based soup, etc. are also best soup in winter season.

my favorite soup is Manchu soup. when ever i go in party that time i tack Manchu soup.


4. Chicken Roll

best food for winter season chicken rollChicken roll is best starter food for non vegetarian people. every non vegetarian people like chicken roll because chicken roll is very soft and very testy. chicken roll is also good for health. chicken roll is full of protein package.

we have also give one other option chicken roll with soup. tomato soup and chicken roll is one of the best combination.


we have give four best starter ideas for winter season party. when ever you arrange or manage any party or function that time starter is must be very important and we have give best ideas for winter season party.

i hope you like my suggestion and apply in your party or function. you have any suggestion than please comment is post this is very helpful for us.

Thanks for Reading.

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