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When will 5G technology arrive in Pakistan? Minister confirms

The fifth generation (5G) technology will take time and the countries that will be the first to fully embrace it will shape the future of the technological world. Our platform and other technical experts have long been outspoken about the importance of 5G launching in Pakistan. Unfortunately, according to a reliable source, the launch of 5G in Pakistan has been postponed again.

The rationale given by the authorities seems logical, but should have already been achieved. They stated that they aim to reach 60 percent 4G penetration in the country before launching 5G. Speaking to a media outlet, Minister of IT and Telecommunications (MoITT) Syed Aminul Haque revealed that the existing penetration of 4G internet connectivity in Pakistan is below 60 percent, which needs to be increased.

The minister further added that after reaching a high penetration rate for 4G, the country will move to the deployment of 5G technology as soon as possible. He said that the government has decided to boost 4G penetration before completing the 5G rollout schedule.

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In addition, the minister said that talks are underway with telcos on issues related to the launch of 5G. The minister also plans to hold a meeting with the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) to discuss 5G policies and obstacles in launching 5G technology in Pakistan.

In addition, the minister supported the idea of ​​reducing spectrum costs to provide additional benefits to consumers. In that context, the Minister will soon enter into discussions with the Advisory Committee on Auction of Telecom Services.

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