WhatsApp status features are now live for everyone

The wait is finally over. WhatsApp introduced a slew of new status features, after spending quite a bit of time in beta. Many of the users have already received these features. However, it would be some time before it would be available to everyone. In the latest update, WhatsApp added a private audience selector, voting statuses, emoji reactions, status rings, and link previews to all devices in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp status features are now live for everyone

Selection of private target groups:

This new feature adds more privacy to the statuses. Now users can change the privacy of their status at any time. With the addition of the private audience selector, WhatsApp will automatically ask users to select their favorite audience before posting an update.

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Voting status:

This is one of the most highly anticipated features of all time. Users can now share a 30-second audio with a status of deleting after 24 hours.

Emoji Reactions:

WhatsApp has also added emoji status reactions that let you quickly share your thoughts on your friend’s meme. Just swipe up and there’s a selection of eight emojis to choose from. This will not affect how you interact with stickers, text, or voice notes.

Status rings

The latest addition to the update are status rings. This is a feature that you have already seen on every other social media platform. These rings appear over a contact’s profile picture if there’s a status preview you haven’t seen yet. Click on them and you’ll be whisked away to view their all-important status.

All users with the latest Android are already getting the update. Other users will receive it soon

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