WhatsApp replaces unknown phone numbers with usernames

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update for group members that replaces unknown phone numbers with usernames in the chat list. After the new update, users can use names instead of phone numbers when they receive a message from an unknown contact in the WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp replaces unknown phone numbers with usernames

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In December last year, WhatsApp began rolling out a new feature that swapped phone numbers with push names within the message bubble of group chats. The feature made it easier for users to recognize messages from unknown contacts in the group chat window. According to WAbetainfp, WhatsApp is now bringing this feature to its chat list as well, so users know who they’ve received messages from in the group chat.

The new update makes it easier for recipients to know who the unknown contact is without saving the number to their contact list. Especially in the larger group where it is difficult to save every contact.

Currently, the new chat list update is rolling out for WhatsApp beta for Android users with the latest WhatsApp version and for iOS beta with WhatsApp beta for iOS update. After testing, the feature will be available to everyone in future updates to the app.

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