WhatsApp is working on self-destructing audio messages

It is a common fact that while using the messaging giant, WhatsApp, sometimes we chat through regular text messages and sometimes we want to share sensitive information with a friend or group in a way that doesn’t last forever. However, the good piece of information is that you now finally have a safe way to send embarrassing karaoke solos on WhatsApp. Yes, you heard it right! WhatsApp already has support for text and media-based messages that can self-destruct. However, now it seems that the company is planning to add a mode of shipping WhatsApp audio messages which you can only listen to once.

Self-destructing WhatsApp audio messages will soon be rolled out to all users

The point worth mentioning is that WhatsApp is rolling out an update for beta users today. According to WABetaInfo, the latest WhatsApp update version adds the ability for users to send audio messages that can only be played once and then they will disappear. Yes, you thought right, it’s a lot like how one-time text messages work. Let me tell you that sent WhatsApp audio cannot be saved on your phone, recorded or forwarded to someone else.

Reports claim this WhatsApp feature is currently under development, so it’s not clear when it will make its way to the released version of the app. Since it’s now part of the WhatsApp beta, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to send disappearing audio messages to family and friends soon.

Disappearing WhatsApp Voice messages isn’t the first new feature WhatsApp has tested this month. We all know that the messaging giant has introduced plenty of new features since the beginning of this year. A few weeks ago, WhatsApp also added another work progress feature with a temporary flair: disappearing groups. So now let’s wait and see what comes next.

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