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WhatsApp is testing an official channel and notification feature –

According to the latest reports, messaging giant WhatsApp is now testing two new capabilities for its users. A new one is coming soon WhatsApp official channel and channel notification function. The point worth noting is that these are forthcoming WhatsApp features are currently in beta mode and are expected to be released to all users fairly soon. Now you must be wondering what these functions are for. Let’s dive in.

The official WhatsApp channel and notification feature are on their way

Reports claim that the latest official WhatsApp channel is being tested with Android beta version On the contrary, the channel notification feature is under the beta version with version

WhatsApp Official Channel:

The upcoming official channel is actually a new version of the official chat room. It aims to keep you up to date with the latest feature launches, security tips, and more. Moreover, you can also archive or block this channel whenever you want. So it is under your control.

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WhatsApp channel notification:

While the company is in the process of launching a new channel for users, they can broadcast a message. Let me tell you that this functionality will be different from chat rooms as the owner or moderators can publish a message in the channel. It means that joining the channel will be quite easy for everyone out there. All you need is to stay updated with a separate channel.

For that, the messaging giant is also releasing a new feature for users to inform them that the channel feature is not yet available. This feature is actually triggered when someone sends you an invitation link or the link to open a WhatsApp channel. There were no official words about these features yet. Hopefully, the company will announce them once the testing process is over.

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