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WhatsApp brings message responses to channels

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the social messaging giant, WhatsApp has significantly improved the user experience, especially this year. The platform has brought so many new features and changes. They are still doing a plethora of WhatsApp features. For a long time, the messaging giant had messaging services for one-to-many communication, but they were always a bit clunky to use and manage. With Channels, the messaging app introduced a brand new way for one-way messaging in a few markets, following in Telegram’s footsteps. WhatsApp channels were introduced a few weeks ago and are now getting a new feature that makes them a bit more interactive for end users. It will be easy for the Channel participants to respond to it WhatsApp messages without revealing their phone numbers.

WhatsApp channels get message responses

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow Channel participants to reply to messages with emojis. The icing on the cake is that they can do this without revealing their phone numbers to other participants. In the upcoming feature, the platform will be finalized to add a new section called “Channel settings”. In this section, the administrators can manage certain options for their channels. What’s more, WhatsApp also has plans to let channel admins control which message responses followers can send to the channel. Let’s see:

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The point worth mentioning here is that the social messaging platform states that sometimes seriousness in context is required. In certain cases, adding special emojis to certain posts can upset other channel followers. WhatsApp aims to avoid misunderstandings by banning the use of emojis with the “Default Only” option. In addition, channel admins can also disable comments for their channels for some reason. Let me tell you that the feature is under development and will make its way to all users with an upcoming WhatsApp update.

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