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WhatsApp Beta fixes a major issue with the new bottom navigation bar

WhatsApp has been testing a bottom navigation bar for its Android app for the past few months. WhatsApp made it easier for users to switch to different tabs from the bottom of the screen. Many users appreciated the redesigned interface. However, some people complained that WhatsApp removed the ability to swipe between tabs, making navigation less intuitive for users used to the previous version. After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store, you will get this feature back.

WhatsApp Beta fixes a major issue with the new bottom navigation bar

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The latest feature allows users to switch to another tab with the usual gesture. The introduction of this feature is likely in response to extensive user feedback.

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WhatsApp has introduced several interface improvements to support Material Design 3. Recently, WhatsApp redesigned toggles and floating action buttons to reflect Material Design 3 guidelines. In addition, after installing this update, some users may get rounded menus that follow the principles of Material Design 3.

The feature that allows users to swipe between tabs and rounded menus is available to a few lucky beta testers. It will be rolled out to even more users in the coming weeks.

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