WhatsApp adds new status features for users

Meta is trying to make WhatsApp statuses even better than before to compete with Snapchat and in an effort to do that, it has come up with some news features related to WhatsApp statuses. Among the many additions to new status features, which have not yet been confirmed, the disappearance of photos and other media are the talk of the town these days, such as replying to messages from people with an emoji, limiting who can see your status, and voice messages about statuses places.

This tatus emoji feature works in the same way as we comment on the messages on WhatsApp and it would be almost the same as Instagram comments on statuses. So when users swipe left, they get an option to choose from one of eight emojis, including (😍,😂,😮,😥,🙏,👏,🎉, and 💯.)

Another upcoming feature, self-selecting your audience for viewing statuses, will let you change who can see your statuses, with the option to show it to everyone, hide it from certain contacts, or show it only to specific people to show.

Aside from that, the social media company tries to make statuses with links quite visually appealing, which means there will now be previews for the site or page the link will take you to and I’m personally really excited about this one.

While these are all good additions to the status feature but one thing we’re not sure about at this point is whether people will warmly welcome this addition or not as these are just minor additions but I think they’ll have great use- generate cases.

It seems that Meta has realized that the growing popularity of Snapchat and Instagram is due to the features related to their statuses/stories and is now trying to take WhatsApp to the same level.

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