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What to watch out for in 5G IN at MWC Shanghai 2023

5G IN stands for ‘5G Innovation and Investment Group’. It is one of our GSMA Foundry projects, bringing together mobile operators, industry and ecosystem partners and investors to drive 5G innovation and increase collaboration across industries. Created by the GSMA, 5G IN has 12 co-founders: China Mobile Capital, China Telecom Investment, China Unicom Capital, China Mobile State Investment, China Broadband Capital, Chenshan Capital, Huawei, ZTE, Orient Securities Capital, CSDN, Shenzhen Valley Ventures and Deloitte China.

We launched 5G IN in 2019 – the year commercial 5G was launched in China. We always knew that the region would be one of the key leaders in the development of 5G technology and as a global industry association we wanted to play our part in making the rollout a success.

Since then, China has indeed become the largest 5G market – both in terms of penetration and user base – and will become the first country in the world to reach over a billion 5G connections; a milestone that we expect to reach in 2025.

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During the rapid growth of 5G across China, 5G IN has been working hard to showcase, accelerate and resource technology-related innovations in vertical industries such as AI, IoT, edge computing and AR/VR.

For me, the best thing about being a part of 5G IN is when we witness incredible startups getting the investment they deserve and seeing their business grow. And we are excited to share some of those success stories in the 5G IN Zone at MWC Shanghai 2023.

Why should I visit 5G IN at MWC Shanghai?

This year’s event marks MWC Shanghai’s 10th anniversary and we are grateful to be back in person since the pandemic. So that means the 5G IN zone is back, and better than ever!

Simply put, the 5G IN Membership Zone at MWC Shanghai 2023 will be the one-stop go-to area for anyone who wants to see the great work that start-ups and innovative companies are doing to take advantage of 5G opportunities.

It will be an opportunity to see how 5G technology is used to enable the latest innovations. We’ll show how 5G unleashed has the potential to completely revolutionize industries, showing everything from its use in the metaverse to how it helps drones fly.

What will I see at 5G IN this year?

We have a wealth of experiences and things to see at 5G IN this year. It’s always so hard to pick some highlights, but here’s what I’m really looking forward to:

  • At the stand on the main exhibition floor, MW Capital will showcase the great work of twelve technology companies from marketing, telecommunications, commerce and agriculture. Now in its seventh year at MWC Shanghai, MWCapital, together with the Ministry of Economy and Business (via Red.es), the Generalitat de Catalunya (with ACCIÓ) and the Barcelona City Council (with Barcelona Activa) has launched the twelve start-ups selected to join us at MWC Shanghai so they can meet like-minded individuals from the Asian market, share knowledge and maybe even make investments from Asian investors. Based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the Mobile World Capital Foundation works to increase MWC’s impact throughout the year.
  • The metaverse is a very hot topic right now, and 5G obviously plays a big part in making it happen. Come and visit 5G IN China Mobile Migu‘s booth where they will showcase their enhanced metaverse experiences?
  • 5G messages community of developers Walnut Hardcore will be at 5G IN along with their key partners to showcase the leading 5G messaging solutions. Stop by to see the solutions currently available, including Baidu’s Ernie Bot, which is at the forefront of 5G messaging.
  • We will also have some current drones on the show floor for you to see! When equipped with 5G, drones can enjoy low latency, high bandwidth, more reliable and secure data transmission.
  • Chinese broadband capital bring their cloud, network, edge and security solutions to 5G IN and participate in several OpenNet discussions on our event forums.

That really is the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more. Throughout the event, you will find various forums, talk tracks, investment opportunities, 5G technology product shows, and so on. I can’t wait to see where and how 5G will enable innovation across industries, and I encourage you to try and see as much as you can.

Are there any conversations at 5G IN that I should watch out for?

One session I am particularly looking forward to is the CEO Tech Talk between GSMA Ltd. CEO John Hoffman and HONOR Device CEO Mr. George Zhao.

In the fireplace chat, which takes place on the 29e June at noon, the two CEOs will talk about what comes next for the smartphone and personal device ecosystem. As consumers’ replacement cycles lengthen and market capacity continues to shrink, they will discuss what the future opportunities are for this market – and how relevant industry parties can work together to find a solution.

It looks like a new era in smartphone evolution is upon us and I look forward to hearing what the industry should be paying attention to, according to both.

OpenNet Summit will also take place on the 5G IN stage and will feature China Broadband Capital and its portfolio companies talking about their vision for future open networks and discussing how they can work together to drive future innovations.

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