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What Is SRS Airbag System – Its Benefits And Malfunction Problems

srs air bag

The SRS airbag system is designed to work with the seat belt for passenger safety in the event of an accident. In conjunction with the seat belt, airbags protect passengers from collisions. The future of SRS systems is aimed at providing the highest possible level of protection during unexpected emergencies and everyday traffic.

The first high-end cars with SRS airbag systems came onto the market in the early 1980s. As a result of technological progress, lower costs and simplified technical solutions for the automotive industry. Airbags have become increasingly common in cars of all price ranges. Continue reading this post if you want to know what an SRS airbag is and how it works.

What is the Srs airbag system?

SRS Airbags are deployed in a collision to further protect passengers. The supplementary protection system activates the airbag and opens it in the event of a collision. Thanks to the airbags, the driver and passengers do not have to worry if an accident occurs.

How SRS airbag works

A sensor in the SRS on the driver’s side detects the impact, determines the severity of the impact and then deploys the airbag. The SRS system can instantly identify the driver’s brake pedal, passenger’s acceleration, the position of the collision and the existence of the passenger in the front seat. As soon as an incident is recognized, a signal is sent to the airbag control module, which decides which airbags to deploy and which seat belts to fasten. The airbag is fully deployed in approximately 0.03 seconds. Deflation of the deployed airbag takes approximately 0.1 seconds.

The average human blink lasts between 0.1 and 0.3 seconds. Some people near an airbag deployment say they didn’t even see the airbag inflate because it happens so quickly. Every time you start your car, the airbag is deployed and tested. If the airbag has deployed correctly, a light will come on briefly before going off again. If so, the SRS airbag warning light will stay on and your airbag will not deploy in the event of an accident. And you are at risk of serious injury if the light stays on while you are driving.

SRS airbags are more expensive than standard airbags, but the safety of you and others around you while driving is paramount. If upgrading to a higher quality airbag is what it takes to keep yourself and others safe, then that’s money well spent.

Toyota SRS airbag system malfunction

Is your Toyota reporting a problem with the SRS airbag system? In the event of a collision, the safety features are not activated if the SRS indicator is illuminated. If the airbag warning light comes on, act quickly as the risk of injury has increased dramatically.

It may be easier to diagnose a problem with the Toyota SRS airbag system with an SRS airbag code reader. The reader can decipher the system’s unique airbag codes. To help you, we’ll go through some of the most common causes of the SRS alert.

Toyota SRS Warning Light – Common Causes

The following are the most common causes of Toyota airbag warning lights:

The OPDS for the front passenger

A sensor is installed in the passenger seat of most new Toyota cars so that the car knows if someone is in that seat. The SRS system uses this information to decide whether or not to deploy the front passenger airbag. The mat-like sensor is embedded in the base cushion of the chair. This delicate thread can fray over time and produce inaccurate data.

Activated airbags

Once activated, safety features such as airbags and seatbelt pretensioners are useless and must be replaced. It’s hard to overlook because it only happens in an accident. It is still possible that the previous owner was involved in an accident and never got round to replacing these parts. People have been known to remove the bulb from the ABS warning light to turn off the system.

Locked SRS ECU

The electronic control unit (ECU) of the SRS system locks automatically after an accident in which the airbags have been deployed. In this case, error codes may not be registered, but the airbag safety light will remain on permanently. This is because problems that arise after an accident require a new ECU. The ECU can be removed from the vehicle and the circuit board wiped to remove any collision data.

In-Road Safety Recall electronic control unit

More than three million cars manufactured between 2011 and 2019 may have shipped from the factory with a faulty SRS ECU. This is a risk because a software problem can prevent the airbags from deploying in certain vehicles. Toyota issued a mass recall in January 2020 to address this issue by modifying the SRS harness.

Compounds that are unclean or oxidized

Wiring connections in many Toyota cars do not seal properly, which is a safety concern. This allows dust and dirt to enter when the weather is unfavorable. Rust and other deposits develop over time, interfering with electrical signals and preventing parts of the car from talking to each other. You can solve the problem by removing any impurities and adding dielectric grease.

Malfunction of the SRS electronic control unit

Most of the Toyota SRS airbag system’s electronic control unit (ECU) is located on the center console. The ECU can be flooded if placed there, and therefore proved problematic. When this happens, it is usually because the car has a broken windshield or a faulty heater. Due to the potential for corrosion and damage to the circuit board, the SRS light may come on and the seat belts may not work.

Empty battery

In some cases, a scanner is needed to clear a trouble code from the SRS control module. This is due to a dead battery or a power drop below 10 volts.

Shorted circuit

The cabling that connects the various components of the SRS system, especially those under the seats, is vulnerable to wear and stress over time. As a result, there are regular electrical problems, such as short circuits and communication failures. In addition to fires, blown fuses can be the result of faulty wiring. If problems occur, the SRS warning light will illuminate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my SRS airbag light on?

If you see this warning light illuminated, the system has detected a problem that prevents one or more airbags from deploying during a collision. The appearance of the SRS warning light is a cause for serious concern, even if all airbags continue to function properly.

How to reset the SRS airbag light?

After a collision, after the airbag inflates and fills with argon or nitrogen, the airbag light (also known as the SRS light) illuminates on the car’s instrument panel. However, there are other situations where the airbag light stays on, such as a faulty component or sensor. A portable airbag signal reset tool can be useful for car owners.


The SRS airbag is crucial in reducing the immediate and long-term effects of an accident on the driver and front passengers. Therefore, its maintenance is essential. If the SRS airbag warning light suddenly comes on, do not ignore it, investigate the cause of the problem and correct it.

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