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What Is Drivetrain Malfunction BMW And How To Fix Its Malfunction?

drivetrain fault bmw

You avoid several problems by knowing the significance of a BMW powertrain failure. A message or indication of a powertrain malfunction indicates a problem with the turbine or gearbox of a BMW by the ECM or engine management unit.

Digital Motor Electronics (DME) and Engine Control Units (ECU) are occasionally used to describe Engine Control Modules. The Engine Control Module immediately limits the car’s optimum thrust to stop imminent damage as soon as the BMW PC detects a problem with the powertrain.

What are the symptoms of BMW powertrain failures?

There may be a number of signs that you observe while driving if the BMW powertrain mild drive problem appears. This warning can also appear if your BMW shows no physical signs. The most common problems encountered while driving are listed below when the powertrain malfunction warning message or alarm appears.

  • The exhaust starts to emit smoke.
  • While driving, the car starts to vibrate more than usual.
  • While driving or at rest, the engine stalls or stops.
  • The car idles faster than normal.
  • When climbing a steep slope, the gearbox gets stuck in the notch.
  • You cannot start the car.
  • The power is insufficient to overtake a vehicle on a highway.

The mechanism may go into a recovery mode where it no longer shifts if you experience the symptoms or notice the BMW powertrain drivetrain problem developing. That means you stumble home.

What Causes BMW Powertrain Failures?

Engine failures are the main contributor to the BMW powertrain’s mild problem. It happens because of the stress-induced acceleration at certain times. While any engine can misfire without causing a serious problem, it is generally wiser to take extra precautions when dealing with these concerns. The following parts may need to be replaced when servicing a BMW vehicle’s powertrain.

1. Plug plugs

It is quite possible that your old BMW vehicle needs better plugs if it already has minor technical issues. Powertrain failure BMW warnings are displayed when they get too old to function properly.

Do not repair more than one spark plug. The parts suggested by your repair or dealer should be used to upgrade them all at once. If you need to update your spark plugs, I highly recommend purchasing NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs.

2. Electric coils

Damaged conditions cause electrical engine gremlins. Because of this, some output issues are often caused by this condition.

When checking the motor, you can see a consistent error in a specific room. That suggests that the electrical coils for that particular vehicle have developed a malfunction.

Swapping the coils for a subsequent loop will confirm that this is the case. You will know what needs to be changed if the sensor indicates that the problem is on the current one.

3. Gas pump

A fuel pump that doesn’t provide the necessary power for that scenario could be the cause of your BMW powertrain problem if it worsens as you accelerate quickly. Under normal driving conditions, you may not hear the warning.

Avoid things when that kind of driving is required, even if it only applies to profiles of fast acceleration. It’s time to replace this part when it happens during any heavy braking.

4. Catalyst

The catalytic converter, sometimes found in BMW cars, can become clogged with exhaust stream residue. While any type can experience this problem, it usually affects older vehicles. This problem can also arise if your BMW has driven a lot of miles. The part must be cleaned or replaced as the blockage will not allow the exhaust air to flow freely. The last option is generally always the one the retailer or a technician recommends.

How to fix powertrain malfunction BMW?

An OBD II scanner makes it fairly easy to identify a powertrain problem in a BMW 535i or any other modern BMW vehicle. If you’re wondering how to fix a powertrain problem in a BMW, it’s a good idea to start the engine before doing an OBD II scan. Below are the detailed tips to help you fix Drivetrain Malfunction BMW.

1. Restart the BMW engine


  1. Find a safe place to park the car.
  2. Unplug the car and remove the key.
  3. Let the vehicle sit for 5 to 7 minutes before starting the engine.

2. Examine the BMW engine thoroughly


  1. Park the BMW in a secure parking space and switch off the power.
  2. Lift the hood release section from behind the cockpit to access the hood.
  3. Check engine temperature.
  4. Check the engine oil level on the car.
  5. Inspect the serpentine pulley for damage and look for coolant or oil leaks.

3. Use an OBD II Scanner to detect powertrain trouble code


  1. Locate the OBD II scanner port under the dashboard of your BMW
  2. Insert the scanner or attach it to the power outlet.
  3. Turn the engine to the “ON” position.
  4. Launch the OBD II scanner and dial the BMW code.
  5. Note the engine and transmission codes that are presented.

How much does it cost to repair a faulty BMW powertrain?

This can only be responded to after first analyzing the case. Because the drivetrain consists of many intricate parts, specific drivetrain problems are resolved more quickly than others. For example: If you have a BMW 328i and are having powertrain issues, Drivetrain Malfunction BMW is gone for a reasonable price.

The typical cost to fix a BMW 328i powertrain problem is between $2,068 and $2,108. While labor costs are expected to be between $155 and $195, the predicted price of the components is $1,913. The cost of repairing an engine failure in a BMW is typically cheaper than addressing the engine and transmission failure, including any new problems that may arise due to continued engine neglect.

Typically, solving a problem from scratch is quite affordable than doing it once it’s gone from a sketch. A vehicle’s faulty engine must be repaired as soon as it is identified.

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