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What important instructions were given to NITB by the Federal Minister? Discover more!

The fourth meeting of the National Information Technology Board (NITB) was recently held at the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom. The meeting was chaired by Federal Minister of IT & Telecom Syed Amin ul Haque. Primary emphasis was placed on the promotion of ‘Made in Pakistan’ products to increase the country’s exports.

The minister instructed the NITB to market ‘Made in Pakistan’ products at both national and international levels to make it a globally unique brand. Furthermore, the chairman and board members welcomed the recently elected CEO of NITB, Babar Majid Bhatti. The board also provided information on the steps taken by the CEO, who took charge on April 10.

During the meeting, the minister urged the CEO not to compromise on merit in any case. In addition, he showed hope that the CEO would help NITB achieve its goals with his skills and expertise.

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The minister also stated that as NITB has acquired an autonomous status, its responsibilities have also increased. With that in mind, the board must effectively market its products both at the national and international level so that ‘Made in Pakistan’ becomes a global thing.

Assembly members:

IT Secretary Navid A. Shaikh, NTISB Secretary Mansoor Sehgal, JEA Science & Technology Zawwar Hussain, Former Secretary Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, IT Member Syed Junaid Imam, Director General of Minister Aftab Rashid attended the meeting while Director General Admin and HR Imran Haider and Director General Telecom Faisal Ratiyal assisted NITB.

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