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Newsvivovivo’s 6th Anniversary

vivo’s 6th anniversary in Pakistan: transforming the tech landscape with breakthrough innovations

vivo, the renowned global smartphone brand, is proudly commemorating its 6th birthday in Pakistan — expressing sincere gratitude to its dear employees and loyal consumers. This milestone serves as a testament to the unwavering support and commitment of the Pakistani community, propelling vivo to new heights and remarkable achievements in the region.

vivo’s deep-rooted devotion is vividly reflected in its guiding principle, the BENFEN philosophy, which emphasizes doing the right things, the right way. The brand is driven by building strong relationships and creating meaningful connections.

Despite adversity, when a catastrophic flood swept the country last year, vivo generously donated 10 million rupees to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund. This heartfelt gesture touched the hearts of many and earned widespread appreciation, including recognition from the country’s president for the effort. It serves as a powerful testament to vivo’s sincere commitment to prioritizing the life and well-being of the Pakistani people.

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Immediately ‘More Local More Global’ strategy, vivo has successfully expanded its presence in the regional market by making its exciting range of products and technologies easily accessible to Pakistani consumers. This approach includes introducing the latest technologies to the market and fostering strong ties with youth.

By partnering with beloved icons such as Babar Azam, vivo strengthens its connection with the local consumer base and delivers exceptional experiences that resonate with them. This strategy emphasizes vivo’s commitment to leveraging local talent and emphasizes the importance of youth demographics — empowering them to differentiate themselves and represent both themselves and the vivo brand. By bridging the gap between global progress and local needs, vivo empowers Pakistani consumers to stay ahead of technology and effortlessly enjoy the latest innovations at their fingertips.

Driven by its dedication to maintaining strong customer relationships and enriching the smartphone market, vivo has gained wide recognition and trust in Pakistan. Of 17 service centers and over 9200 Shops, vivo ensures easy accessibility of its products and aftercare services.

In addition, the introduction of the successful ‘Day of Service’ initiative in 2020 illustrates vivo’s commitment to customer satisfaction – offering free services such as cleaning, disinfection, repairs, software upgrades and much more.

By prioritizing customer needs and providing seamless experiences, vivo empowers and supports Pakistani consumers throughout the smartphone usage cycle. With its focus on customer needs and commitment to providing seamless experiences, vivo stands as a true symbol of its commitment to care and support Pakistani consumers throughout their smartphone journey.

Mr. Eric Kong, Chief Executive Officer of vivo Pakistanstated, “As we celebrate vivo Pakistan’s remarkable 6th anniversary, I am immensely proud and grateful for our journey. vivo’s tremendous success in Pakistan has been a cohesive effort propelled by our dedicated employees and valued customers. Over the years, we have overcome challenges and achieved important milestones, thanks to our innovation-driven approach and the unwavering support of our loyal customers. With localization and innovation at the core of our efforts, we have brought leading technologies to Pakistan, benefiting countless users. Guided by the BENFEN philosophy, we remain committed to building strong relationships with our customers. As we move forward, we will continue to expand our solutions and ensure we deliver the best technology to meet the changing demands of our Pakistani consumers.”

vivo has taken the Pakistani smartphone market by storm and has captured the hearts of consumers with its range of attractive smartphones with innovative features and breathtaking designs. Of the X, vAnd Y serieseach product has received tremendous appreciation and recognition for its ability to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals.

For photography enthusiasts looking for studio-level imaging or tech-savvy trendsetters looking for futuristic camera features, vivo has brought a world-class range of products to suit diverse preferences and needs.

In the past year, the brand launched remarkable devices such as the X80, V27e, V25 series and Y73. These smartphones were highly praised, adored for their exceptional performance and innovative technology.

With groundbreaking developments such as Gimbal stabilization, in-display fingerprint scanner, optical image stabilization, color-changing glass, Aura Light Portrait And AI Night portrait functionvivo leaves no stone unturned in providing its customers with the best technology.

vivo’s commitment to humanizing technology has struck a chord with consumers – enabling them to enjoy personalized experiences that enable them to capture precious memories, stay connected and overcome their hectic days.

Over the course of the past six years, vivo has made remarkable progress and achieved significant milestones since its inception in Pakistan. By prioritizing innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, vivo has consistently pushed the boundaries and delivered outstanding products and experiences to Pakistani consumers.

Looking to the future, vivo maintains its unwavering commitment to providing customers with the best while embracing the latest technologies and staying ahead of the ever-evolving smartphone industry.

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