Users can’t tweet due to exceeding the daily tweet limit

Twitter users have been through a lot in the past few days. From quite a few erratic policy changes and weird bugs lately, Twitter users have suffered a lot. Today, however, they can’t even tweet. Many users reported that they were suddenly unable to tweet. This all started on Wednesday around 2PM PT. Recent reports claim that the bug currently appears to affect all unscheduled tweets. The point to note here is that those tweets that were previously scheduled or scheduled to move forward seem to still be coming through. However, the Twitter outage is consistent across the web and mobile versions of the Twitter app.

Twitter Outage: Users are told they have exceeded the tweet limit

Twitter tweet limit test

On mobile devices, Twitter users get the error that Twitter “could not send your tweet”. On the web, users get an error message that they have exceeded the tweet limit. Both posts suggest that this could be an error or bug somehow related to Twitter’s API rate limit configurations.

Let me tell you that Twitter actually has a daily tweet limit, but you won’t exceed it until you cross the threshold of 2,400 tweets one day. The point is that something seems pretty wrong on the Twitter platform right now as people are facing the problem without even tweeting once today before they get the error. In addition, there is another bug that apparently prevents users from following new accounts. Because of this, many Twitter users report encountering a pop-up notifying them that they are “unable to follow more people at this time.”

The bad news is that this isn’t it. Many Twitter users also report problems sending direct messages on Twitter. Whenever they try to DM for a story, the page fails to load and an error is displayed. Reports claim that the platform is barely usable at the moment. However, outgoing unscheduled tweets seemed to work again for some users around 5pm PT.

Twitter acknowledged the widespread issues yesterday, but has yet to provide details about what was wrong or when it would be fixed. So let’s just wait and see what happens next.

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