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US court bans Biden officials from contacting social media companies

According to the latest reports, the US federal judge recently blocked officials in President Joe Biden’s leadership from reaching out to social media companies about moderating content.

Biden officials are not allowed to contact social media companies

On Tuesday, Judge Terry Doughty issued the ultimatum in a lawsuit following a lawsuit filed by Republican attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri. They claim the government has gone too far in its fight to provoke social media platforms to crack down on false information.

According to Judge Tough, the government’s attempt to curtail false claims related to elections and the COVID-19 pandemic is arguably the biggest assault on free speech in United States history. Let me tell you that the federal judge nominated by former President Donald Trump, Doughty, once ruled in January 2022. This attempt was made to COVID-19 vaccination supplies for school teachers. In addition, he banned mandatory vaccination requirements for healthcare workers. However, that ruling was mainly rejected by the US Supreme Court.

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The point worth noting is that the submission also contains multiple references to conventional conversation topics. Anyway, let me tell you that the order has been hailed as a triumph for Republicans who argue that Biden used the COVID-19 pandemic to make speeches in the name of fighting “misinformation.” One Republican, Senator Eric Schmitt of Missouri, declared the decision a huge victory for the First Amendment and a flurry of censorship. He further blamed the Biden administration for creating “an elaborate censorship enterprise” and “collusion” with media companies.

Judge Doughty made some quirks in his order in this filing. For example, the government can communicate with social media companies on issues of national security and criminal activity. So let’s wait and see what comes next. Stay tuned!

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