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Unveiling Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Super Cameras: A New Era in Mobile Imaging.

In November 2022, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform was launched, introducing remarkable camera technology that would revolutionize super smartphone cameras. Now these cameras have arrived, equipped with the latest AI capabilities, promising extraordinary experiences.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is a testament to intelligent engineering, with breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that deliver truly exceptional user experiences. Equipped with the industry’s first-ever 18-bit Cognitive Image Signal Processor (ISP) and real-time semantic segmentation, these smartphones offer ingenious capture features, elevating photos and videos to levels reminiscent of National Geographic’s awe-inspiring imagery.

The inclusion of these advanced features has catapulted Snapdragon to the forefront, boasting the world’s leading smartphone camera, smartphones with 200-megapixel (MP) photo capture capabilities, and pioneering the inclusion of 4K Dolby Vision video recording in smartphones.

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OPPO Find X6 Pro

The Oppo Find X6 Pro has earned the honor of being the world’s top-rated Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 smartphone camera, as confirmed by DXOMark experts. The impressive camera line-up includes the Sony IMX 989 QDOL4, a massive one-inch image sensor optimized specifically for Snapdragon, making it the largest sensor available for smartphones to date.

With a trio of 50 MP cameras on the back (50 MP wide + 50 MP ultra wide + 50 MP telephoto), the Oppo Find X6 Pro offers 4K Dolby Vision video capabilities and captures photos in High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) 10-bit color depth, with more than a billion shades of color. DXOMark’s enthusiastic praise highlights the consistently sharp, texture-rich, and low-noise image qualities of both stills and video, a testament to the optimization of these large sensors.

OPPO Find X6 Pro

EER Magic 5 Pro

Meet the HONOR Magic 5 Pro, a groundbreaking smartphone packed with extraordinary features that are sure to amaze you. With its impressive 8K video recording capabilities and Snapdragon’s innovative Always-Sensing ISP, it introduces the world’s first low-power gesture control, setting new standards in user experience.

In tests conducted by DXOMark, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro showed exceptional performance and was able to compete with the iPhone 14 Pro in many respects. Particularly noteworthy was its superiority in low-light and indoor conditions, including the ultra-wide camera, where the HONOR proved to be the preferred choice. In addition, the smartphone excelled at telephoto zoom, especially at medium and long distances, further cementing its position as a premium device for photography enthusiasts.

EER Magic 5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, sets new standards in the industry with its advanced features and innovative technology. This groundbreaking device is the world’s first smartphone to leverage the Snapdragon Cognitive ISP, enabling real-time semantic segmentation on the front-facing selfie camera for unparalleled user experiences.

The rear camera setup of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is equally impressive, with a remarkable 200MP photo capture capacity along with the ability to shoot 8K videos. In addition, the smartphone includes Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to ensure smooth and stable video recording.

Notably, the Galaxy S23 Ultra proudly introduces Samsung’s first-ever smartphone equipped with a 200MP image sensor, the ISOCELL HP2. This sensor features improved pixel technology and increased full-well capacity, and promises to deliver breathtaking mobile images for future premium smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Xiaomi 13Pro

The Xiaomi 13 Pro shows impressive photographic prowess, with the huge 1-inch image sensor, Sony IMX 989 QDOL4, expertly optimized for Snapdragon. The triple camera array on the back, adorned with Leica optics, consists of a 50MP wide angle, 50MP ultra wide angle and 50MP telephoto lens, promising stunning image quality and versatility.

Moreover, the Xiaomi 13 Pro excels in video recording capabilities, supporting both 8K video recording and 4K Dolby Vision video recording, ensuring an exceptional visual experience for users. With its advanced camera technologies and premium features, the Xiaomi 13 Pro is an impressive contender in the smartphone photography landscape.

Xiaomi 13Pro

Vivo X90 Pro +

The Vivo X90 Pro+ joins the league of impressive smartphones, equipped with the Snapdragon-optimized Sony IMX 989 QDOL4 image sensor and 4K Dolby Vision video recording capabilities. In addition to these remarkable features, it also features the world’s largest and fastest ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max, which provides users with a seamless and secure biometric authentication experience.

Vivo X90 Pro +

Capture more memories with more impressive features

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 introduces a range of advanced camera features that redefine smartphone photography and video capabilities:

  • 8K HDR video recording
  • 8K Dolby Vision video recording
  • Real-time semantic segmentation (cognitive ISP) during 8K video recording
  • 1-inch image sensors
  • 10-bit HEIC photo capture
  • Impressive performance of 3.2 Gigapixels per second
  • Advanced 18-bit ISP technology
  • Support for DOL and HDR image sensors
  • Amazing 200 MP recording resolution
  • Innovative Always-Sensing ISP functionality

With these extraordinary features, the smartphones powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 allow you to show your travels in stunning detail to your followers and capture cinema-level videos of your family’s most cherished moments. Really, these cameras offer unparalleled capabilities that are exclusive to Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 devices.

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