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Unihertz launches Luna, a sleek and stylish smartphone, at MWC 2023

Unihertz will launch a new smartphone and showcase its most popular and distinctive phone models at MWC 2023. The company is showcasing these devices to highlight its expertise and excellent manufacturing capabilities in the smartphone industry.

Unihertz originally came to public attention in 2017, with the release of its first crowdfunding campaign, the Jelly Phone. Prior to the introduction of this model, according to Stephen Xufounder and CEO of Unihertz, the company has been a manufacturer and supplier of end-to-end mobile solutions for numerous domestic and international companies since 2003.

“We have a team of R&D personnel with rich professional experience who can provide a complete set of comprehensive mobile solutions from software design to production,” said Stephen. “Through this exhibition, we hope to develop our business and offer the most comprehensive mobile solutions to meet customer needs.”

Adhering to the concept that “technology serves humanity”, Unihertz is committed to exploring the diversity of mobile phones. At MWC, the company is showcasing 14 distinctive models, including Jelly 2, its most popular small 3-inch smartphone; Titan Slim, the Android QWERTY phone; Tank, the rugged outdoor phone with a 22000 mAh battery; and Luna, the upcoming stylish smartphone. These mobile phones are not only visually appealing but also contain a variety of features that cater to the demands of users of different ages, professions and interests.

“We can provide mobile phone customization solutions for different groups of people,” Stephen added, “and we want to further expand the business and allow more businesses and consumers who have such needs to take notice.” With the success of a series of crowdfunding projects, Unihertz has fully demonstrated its creativity and leadership in mobile phone R&D and manufacturing.

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