Unfortunately no foldable iPad in 2024

This is an era of foldable devices. Since we got a report on the foldable iPad launching in 2024 and news of the Light Year doubling for iPads in 2023, our wait for the foldable iPhone has begun. Unfortunately, however, we have come across another report from Mark Gurman that contradicts the earlier reports of the iPad folding.

An analyst Ming Chi Kuo who uses supply chain data to predict possible release windows for Apple products with great accuracy had revealed that Apple will delay iPad updates until 2024. Furthermore, the company will launch iPad mini 7 and foldable iPad. that’s coming this year.

Now Mark Gurman has come across new information that contradicts KUO’s. Gurman believes 2023 will be the light year for iPads, but 2024 won’t have a foldable iPad.

He believed that 2024 will have long rumored OLED iPad Pros along with better spec iPad and iPad mini. He revealed that his sources have not mentioned the foldable iPad in 2024.

It appears that Gurman got this information from contacts within Apple and the supply chain, so it could be true. His information lines up well with Kuo, with just one exception: no foldable phones for now.

From the last few years we come across patents from Apple related to foldable devices. Samsung has already been able to launch foldable devices, so we expect Apple to launch them in the near future.

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