Unbelievable: This sealed original iPhone sold at auction for more than a Tesla Model 3

The launch of a new iPhone is a big event among iPhone enthusiasts as they are willing to pay a lot of money every year and stand in long queues to get their hands on it. However, we recently came across a new post on social media revealing that an original iPhone had sold at auction for a record price of $63,356 (approximately £52,635 / AU$91,630). yes, you read it right. This iPhone sold for the Tesla Model 3 price ($42,990 / £42,990 / AU$64,300).

You might think what was so special about this iPhone. well, the key to that high price was that the auctioned iPhone was “factory sealed,” meaning even the cellophane wrapper is still intact. For this reason, someone was willing to pay this large sum.

It is not the first time that such an iPhone has been auctioned. Previously, an original iPhone copy sold at auction in October 2022 for $39,339 (about £32,680 / AU$56,890). It means that the price value rises sharply. In 2007, the price of the first generation iPhone 8GB was $599, which gives us a clear idea that the price has increased more than 105 times.

Well, the original owner of the phone, Karen Green (a cosmetic tattoo artist), got the phone as a gift in 2007 for starting a new job. At the time, iPhones were tied to AT&T and the lady already had three phone lines tied to Verizon. So the phone remained unopened in drawers for years. A few years ago, she came across the rising prices of original iPhones and went on a daytime TV show called Doctor & the Diva to have it valued.

On this show, the estimated value was $5,000. After that, factory-sealed iPhone prices have skyrocketed, hitting the $30,000 mark last year and now even doubling. The LCG auction house that sold this record-breaking iPhone believes that the price of the factory-sealed iPhone is rising.

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