Ubisoft is working on two new Far Cry video games

Today I have good information for all game fans, Ubisoft is working on two new ones Far Cry video spell. The games are said to be in development, including a new standalone multiplayer title. Are you excited???

Two new Far Cry games are in development

According to some latest reports, there are two new ones Distant cry games are under development at Ubisoft. Let me tell you that one of the titles is probably a traditional single-player game, just like the previous installments in the series. On the other hand, the other is a multiplayer experience. The point worth noting is that two video games were originally one title, but they were split early in development. According to the reports, Far cry 7 is internally referred to as ‘Project Blackbird’, while the other multiplayer game is referred to as ‘Project Maverick’.

The notable point here is that Project Maverick is an extraction-based shooter set in the Alaskan wilderness. The whole game players need to meet other players. They will have to survive extreme weather conditions and wildlife. There will be lootable chests and extraction zones. The multiplayer game will reportedly feature a backpack system and permadeath, which obviously means all items will be lost if players die in a game.

We all know that extraction-based shooters are popular these days, with several iterations mostly appearing in triple AAA games. Call of Duty too entered the extraction-based shooter market with DMZ and Battlefield 2049 which also includes the danger zone. Hardcore players also enjoy Escape from Tarkov, which is tipped as the most brutal in the genre. Let’s see what the upcoming titles have to offer in the future. They’re still a long way off, though, with expected release dates in Fall 2025.

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