Twitterrific and other customers start removing their apps after Twitter blocks them

A few days earlier, we reported that some third-party apps such as Twitterific, Tweetbot and many others are experiencing issues on Twitter. Later, Twitter officially confirmed to shut down those services. Now Twitterrific and other third-party clients started removing their apps after Twitter blocked them. Twitterrific said in a blog post that “a Twitter that we no longer recognize as trustworthy and no longer want to work with.”

Twitterrific and other customers start removing their apps after Twitter blocks them

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The app has had a rich association with Twitter. It was one of the first mobile and desktop clients for the platform and helped form the word ‘Tweet’. In fact, Twitterrific was built in 2007 – even before Twitter made its own iOS app.

Twitterrific’s demise comes after Twitter deliberately began blocking third-party customers without any explanation. Earlier this week, the TwitterDev account posted that the company had suspended these apps in violation of “its long-standing API rules.” But it did not specify which rules were broken.

Twitterrific is not alone. Many other apps have started deleting or are preparing to remove their apps from various app stores. Tweetbot has already pulled the Mac client from the App Store and the iOS app will follow shortly.

Despite Twitter’s announcement, some Twitter clients are still working. However, the company may suspend them at any time.

External customers have added so much to Twitter as a platform. Tweetie, an app that Twitter bought in 2010, was behind the appeal to revamp the timeline feature everyone knows. Twitterrific contributed to things like the bird logo, character count, and conversations. On the other hand, Twitter has not provided an explanation for this move.

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