Twitter will soon be teasing new video-related features on the platform

Twitter is a text-focused social network that has improved the user experience by introducing new features. Let me tell you that the platform has expanded its capabilities in recent years with features such as Spaces and longer videos. The most interesting thing is that now Twitter working on video related features again. The company’s Senior Product Designer Andrea Conway recently teased a few new Twitter features.

New Twitter features will be making their way to users soon

Conway recently tweeted an image on her profile showing a new menu when the user watches videos on Twitter’s mobile app. Reports claim that the menu will include options such as captions, playback speed, and even a download button. It allows users to easily share or report a video on the social network. The point worth mentioning is that some of these features are already present on Twitter. However, accessing them is not exactly intuitive. I think Twitter wants to dig deeper into videos in a moment to compete with other platforms like TikTok and even YouTube. Some users can even expect picture-in-picture support and resolution options.

However, the point worth noting here is that we’re still unsure when these new features will make their way to Twitter. Anyway, their announcement by one of the lead designers is certainly good news. We expect these features to reach Twitter users on iOS and Android for sure. We can’t say anything about those using Twitter for Mac. Since the app hasn’t received any updates in months and is missing some features, we hope the next update will bring a handful of changes.

A few weeks ago, Twitter Blue subscribers were allowed to upload videos of up to two hours to the social network. However, Twitter still needs to support 4K videos, which is a huge drawback compared to YouTube. Let’s see what comes next. Stay tuned!

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