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Twitter is testing a job posting feature for verified organizations

Twitter is preparing to launch a new job posting feature that will allow verified organizations on the platform to post jobs to their profiles. The social media giant has also created an official @TwitterHiring account. However, it hasn’t tweeted any of it yet.

Twitter has not yet officially announced the job posting feature. However, some verified organizations have already been able to post job openings under their Twitter bios on their profiles. The vacancies direct interested applicants directly to the company’s website. They can find out more about the position and submit an application.

Twitter is testing a job posting feature for verified organizations

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In addition, verified organizations can add up to five job openings to their profile. Twitter allows verified organizations to import all of their open jobs to the platform by connecting to a supported ATS or XML feed.

This new feature is undoubtedly the first step for Twitter to compete against popular companies like LinkedIn and Indeed. In May, Elon Musk hinted at the feature alongside the dating feature. The company also bought a job-matching tech startup called Laskie in May. It’s possible the acquisition helped the social media giant develop and ship the feature.

It seems that verified organizations do not have to pay extra to access the job posting feature. The feature is included in Twitter’s $1,000 per month Verified for Organizations package.

Twitter has not yet announced this feature. We will then get more information about this feature. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

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