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Twitter imposes a daily limit on the number of posts users can see

Typically, social media networks want you to dedicate all your hours to them so they can learn more about what you like and use that to serve you targeted ads and make money. On the contrary, Twitter has become the first social media network to place a daily limit on the number of posts you can see before being banned from the site.

Twitter owner and ex-CEO Elon Musk has announced that Twitter is applying temporary limits on the number of messages users can read each day. According to the announcement, Twitter is taking this step to address “extreme levels” of data scraping and “system manipulation”.

Twitter imposes a daily limit on the number of posts users can see

Initially, verified accounts are limited to reading 6,000 messages per day, unauthenticated accounts are limited to 600 messages per day, while new unauthenticated accounts are limited to reading 300 messages per day. The announcement does not clarify the difference between an “unverified account” and a “new unverified account”.

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A few hours later, Musk raised the limit to 10,000 posts, 1,000 posts, and 500 posts per day, respectively.

Elon Musk also retweeted a parody account of himself ridiculing Twitter users as Twitter addicts and that Elon was supposedly doing a “good deed for the world.”

These announcements come shortly after Twitter banned unregistered users from viewing tweets on the social media website. Since taking over Musk in 2022, Twitter has eliminated more than 80% of its workforce.

Many Twitter users started reporting a “Rate Limit Exceeded” error. This error would freeze the user’s timeline and not show any further tweets. It also asked them to “wait a while and then try again”, causing frustration.

There’s also no indication of how much of your tweet quota you’ve already used up. It’s also not clear if seeing the same tweet twice counts against your quota once or twice. There are many ambiguities, we hope Musk clears them all up soon.

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