Twitter Blue subscription costs Android users $11 per month

Twitter Inc. announced that it will cost Twitter Blue subscriptions for Android $11 per month, the same as for iOS users. On the other hand, the company offers a more affordable annual plan for web users as compared to monthly charges. Previously limited to verified accounts of politicians, celebrities, journalists and other public figures, the blue check is now available to anyone willing to pay.

The same prices for Android users will likely outweigh the charges levied by the Android Google Play Store, which is similar to that of the Apple App Store. The annual subscription to Blue, which was only available online, cost $84, a saving on the monthly cost of $8. The blue tick was released a year ago to help Twitter increase revenue as owner Elon Musk battles to retain advertisers.

Twitter Blue plan costs users $11 per month

Twitter has not commented on its Android pricing policy in response to a request for comment. In addition, the company stated that the rebate would be accessible to web users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Musk stated in early December that the number of ads on Twitter’s default blue check mark will be cut in half and that the social media company will offer a higher level ad-free next year.

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