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Tumblr is working on TikTok-inspired feeds to grow its user base

Tumblr just announced a major overhaul of its platform that will bring algorithmic recommendations to users’ feeds. The company itself revealed, “The underlying problem is that Tumblr isn’t easy to use.” Though Tumblr doesn’t give exact details about new features. However, it gives some pretty big clues about what’s to come. The company states that one of its main goals is to “provide great content every time the app is opened” and describes its current “follow” feed as “outdated”.

Tumblr is working on TikTok-inspired feeds to grow its user base

To address this issue, the company says it is working to improve our algorithmic ranking capabilities across all feeds. It will also make it easier for users to understand the vibrant communities on Tumblr. The company also notes that developing more user-friendly features, including improvements to how replies and reblogs work, will also be crucial in attracting new users.

To improve Tumblr’s usability, the company is now addressing these core principles.

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  • Expand the ways new users can discover and sign up for Tumblr.
  • Provide high-quality content with every app launch.
  • Facilitate user participation in conversations.
  • Preserve and expand our maker base.
  • Create patterns that encourage users to return to Tumblr.
  • Improve the performance, stability and quality of the platform.

The company is not disclosing a timeline for this revision. But we hope that the update will be available in the near future. Because the company is really trying hard to grow its user base.

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