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Track WhatsApp Calls (3 Methods)

Both WhatsApp and Messenger are instant messaging apps owned by Meta. While Messenger is designed for Facebook users, WhatsApp is more personal and depends on your phone number.

This is the only reason why WhatsApp is more popular than Messenger and offers better features. On WhatsApp you have different communication options; you can communicate through chats, voice and video calls, join group chats/calls, etc.

You can make endless calls with WhatsApp and it’s completely free. All it takes to start voice and video calls on WhatsApp is an active internet connection.

If everyone in your house uses WhatsApp to make calls, you may want to track WhatsApp calls at some point. Maybe you have kids who use WhatsApp and you want to monitor their WhatsApp calls for security purposes.

WhatsApp Call Tracking – Is It Possible?

Tracking WhatsApp calls is impossible, and since the calls are end-to-end encrypted, you cannot spy on live calls. However, there are a few solutions through which you can check the call history of your target person.

WhatsApp has a special call section where it shows you the call history. The call history on WhatsApp shows you all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls on your number.

Track WhatsApp Calls (3 Methods)

There is no way to track WhatsApp calls, but certain spy apps provide WhatsApp call tracking features.

You have to add your WhatsApp account to such spy apps. Once added, you can view the call history. But it is not recommended to monitor WhatsApp calls with malicious intent. Here are the best ways to track whatsapp calls.

1. Use a spy app

10 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone in 2022

Spy app or parental control apps are of great use; they not only track a phone’s location but also give you WhatsApp call history.

Not every parental control app offers WhatsApp call history; so please check the features before purchasing.

However, the problem with spy apps is that they need to be installed on the target’s phone, which can be difficult.

Once installed, you need to enable the WhatsApp call history feature. The spy/parental control app runs silently in the background and sends notifications when the target makes or receives a WhatsApp call.

2. Download the WhatsApp backup

Download the WhatsApp backup

Let’s say someone uses Google Drive to store WhatsApp Backup files. If you have access to their backup files, you can easily access WhatsApp call history.

Likewise, if the target person uses iOS and you have their iCloud credentials, you can access their iCloud account and find the latest backup.

WhatsApp backup probably has the WhatsApp Call History records. If you want to track your child’s WhatsApp call history, you can check their WhatsApp backup files.

3. Check their WhatsApp account

Check their WhatsApp account

As we all know, the latest version of WhatsApp shows a separate calls tab on the main screen. If you have access to the target’s smartphone, you can open their WhatsApp app and switch to the To call to action tab.

The Calls tab displays all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls. This is the easiest way to track WhatsApp calls on Android and iOS. You can browse the WhatsApp call list and tap on a particular record.

Doing so will give you more details about the selected calls, such as duration, internet bandwidth, etc.

Important: We do not recommend tracking WhatsApp calls as it is unethical. But if you are a parent, you can monitor your child’s calls for their improvement if necessary. So use this information for honest purposes and do not misuse it.

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So, this guide is all about how to track WhatsApp calls in simple steps. Let us know in the comments if you know of another way to track WhatsApp calls. And if the article helped you, share it with your friends.

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