Top 10 Unique Countries in the World to Visit with your Significant Other

Today more and more people prefer traveling, because the emotions get in trips to new cities and localities are simply priceless and unforgettable. Cannot choose where to go? Here are the top 10 unique countries of the world.

  1. Iceland

The uniqueness of this country is a combination of smoking volcanoes and hot geysers with eternal ice. When planning a trip, it’s important to see the most interesting places: the Blue and Ice Lagoon and Geysers.

The Blue Lagoon is a natural lake located in the lava pile. The water in the Lagoon is milky, and in its composition, besides sea salt, there is quartz and blue-green algae. The Ice Lagoon is also incredibly beautiful! This is one of the few places in Iceland where you can see the life of icebergs at close range.

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  1. Tanzania

This is the most interesting country in Africa in terms of diversity and uniqueness of flora and fauna. Tanzania is rich in such natural values: 15 national parks, 17 reservations, lakes, mountains, including Kilimanjaro, and the giant Ngorongoro crater.

  1. Japan

In Japan everything is unique! This is the first country on the planet over which the sun rises. Japan admires the whole world with centuries-old traditions, which people carefully cherish up to now, and at the same time innovative technologies. There is amazing nature and incredible variety of flora and fauna. On the small territory of this country there are about 30 national parks, and 40 protected areas in coastal waters.

  1. Canada

Canada is the country of millions of lakes. There are so many of them that the exact number is unknown, but approximately it’s about 4 million – that is 60% of all lakes in the world. The most famous and interesting places to visit are: Garibaldi, Moiraine, Peito, Azur, Red Lake which owes its color to the presence of red algae and many others.

  1. Monaco

The Principality of Monaco, if not taken into account the Vatican, is the smallest country on the planet. The state, with an area of 2 km², is located in the south of Europe on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Monaco has the highest population density on the planet – about 20 thousand people per 1 km². In addition to the fact that this tiny country is beautiful, it’s largely unique. It’s one of the most unusual countries to visit in Europe.

  1. Australia

Australia is the only country that is a continent, and occupies several islands. But it’s special not only by this: there are deserts, succulent meadows, huge beaches with the whitest sand and clear water. Despite the fact that the country develops rapidly, its unique nature still remains.

A special miracle in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef – a coral complex with a length of more than three thousand kilometers. Nothing can compare with its coral gardens, which opalesce with pink, purple, green, yellow and blue colours.

  1. Netherlands

It’s one of the most unique European countries. The peculiarity of the Netherlands is chic, huge, multi-colored fields of tulips. And, despite the fact that these flowers are the main ones, narcissus, hyacinths, crocuses and other flowers grow there too. Of course, you should visit the Keukenhof Park. It’s a fantastically beautiful and fragrant garden, where about seven million flowers are planted every year.

  1. India

India is unique in many things, so after visiting this country you can hardly remain indifferent. It’s associated with original culture, bright clothes, beautiful dances and the smell of spices. It’s a country where wealth and poverty, chaos and tranquility, reality and legends are combined. Its climatic conditions are also in full contrast: the south of the country is rich in chic tropical forests, the desert is located in the west, and in the North there are glaciers. In picturesque India there are many historically valuable sights that tell us about the rich history and diversity of the country.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world: there are about 18,000 islands, and only 7,000 of them have their own names. The largest islands are New Guinea, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java.

One of the natural features of Indonesia is that many islands are covered with snow, despite the fact that they are situated close to the equator. Also, Indonesia can be considered a country of volcanoes. There are more than 500 volcanoes, and 129 are active.

  1. Bolivia

The uniqueness of Bolivia is that it can be called the highest mountain country. It’s even called “Tibet of America”. In Bolivia, there is the highest mountainous shipping lake in the world – Titicaca. Unlike other Latin American countries, most of its population – are aborigines or Indians. Tourists have a unique opportunity to meet with representatives of this people, who still follow their traditions and customs. It’s very beautiful and unique country to visit with your loved one which you can find on Romance Compass.

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