TikToker killed father for taking his cell phone in KP

A 17-year-old TikToker killed his father for refusing to return his smartphone in the Dir Lower district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Police said the boy spent most of his time on TikTok. He also had no interest in his studies.

Hasnain’s father Sher Baz Khan, a taxi driver, had stolen his mobile phone two days ago. He wanted his son to stop filming his TikTok videos, but the suspect had asked for his phone back.

TikToker killed his father for taking his cell phone in KP

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After a short exchange of words, the suspect opened fire on his parents and killed his father on the spot. He also injured his mother, who was taken to District Headquarters Hospital, Timergara in critical condition.

Police arrested the suspect within two hours of the murder and recovered the gun from him.

“The unfortunate father died on the spot while the mother was left seriously injured. She was rushed to hospital where her condition is critical,” said a police officer.

The investigating officer said the boy went to nearby mountains every day to make TikTok videos, but his father was not happy, so he took his phone away.

“He took my phone which really made me furious and I grabbed my dad’s gun and opened fire on him,” he said.

The incident caused widespread panic among the general public in the district.

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