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TikTok is launching a shopping platform to challenge Amazon and Shein

One of the most used apps, TikTok, is now launching a new shopping platform to challenge its rivals, Amazon and Shein. TikTok has confirmed that it is testing a new in-app “Trendy Beat” store area. The company will offer for sale products shipped and sold by a subsidiary of its parent company, ByteDance.

The company is currently testing the feature in the UK. The shopping section offers popular items that have appeared in trending videos. The company is currently focusing on adding new merchants to its TikTok Shop offering that will allow brands to sell items on the platform.

TikTok is launching a shopping platform to challenge Amazon and Shein

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With the new feature, TikTok wants to challenge retail companies like Amazon and Shein. With TikTok Shop, the company enables brands to sell their products directly in the app. However, with this new feature, TikTok will start selling its own products. The new model sees TikTok with an e-commerce model similar to how Amazon Basics and Shein promote and sell their own top-selling products.

TikTok Shop has undoubtedly been successful in markets in Asia, but struggled to gain traction in the UK. Unsurprisingly, the company is opting to test its new e-commerce initiative in the UK before potentially bringing it to the US.

It is worth noting that while TikTok continues to work on store features. However, its competitors’ apps are scaling back some of their ecommerce efforts after failing to gain traction. Instagram removed the shopping tab in January and later announced that it was ending its live shopping efforts. Facebook also discontinued its live shopping feature in August 2022.

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